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Although there are several sources of stem cells discovered, there are only two clinically established sources namely

  1. Umbilical Cord 
  2. Tooth

to be residing them for clinical use. At the time of delivery, Umbilical cord and the residual blood is collected at the theatre to process the stem cells in the lab for banking under controlled conditions. The milk teeth are collected at the dental clinics before they naturally fall off, to be processed in the lab for harvesting stem cells before banking them for intended applications.

Blood stem cells are for transplantations to treat blood and related diseases while Mesenchymal stem cells are for repair, regenerate and reconstruct damaged organs to manage diseases.

Pregnant women and kids aged between 5 and 11 years of the family are the donors of these sources from which Transcell has established the process to collect stem cells to bank today for treatments.

According to medical researchers, families with stored stem cells will have more medical options later in life.

Third to ninth month of pregnancy - Eligibility to enroll for stem cell banking

All kinds of milk teeth and wisdom teeth derived stem cells can be banked with us

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We have robust internal capabilities across stem cell sourcing, cell processing, clinical grade cell processing, translational science, biochemistry with alliances for characterizations and formulations. We integrate these disciplines to store stem cells for short term and long term periods for tandem transplants as well as for approved cell therapies. 

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Why Preserve Stem Cells?

Umbilical Cord and Tooth pulp are rich sources of stem cells.


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Transcell has registered trademarks and patents with USPTO/WIPO relating to technologies of Stem cell.


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Transcell operates state-of-the-art facilities in Healthcare biotechnology domain. 



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To be a pre-eminent and complete stem cell bank offering basket of cryopreservation solutions for the purpose they are stored

Who should bank their stem cells?

  • Healthy eligible donors
  • With family history of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases
  • Individuals diagnosed with cancer


Create value to all Transcell's clients

Prosper through innovation with the strength of R&D foundation

To empower patients in opting tools to manage diseases by educating them with the advancements in adult stem cell technologies in clinical practice

To facilitate stem cell applications through it's repository.

Unique Stem Cell based Processes and Products for Future Applications


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An autologous transplant uses a person’s own stem cells. In this procedure, stem cells are collected from the patient and frozen in liquid nitrogen before transplant conditioning.

An allogeneic transplant uses stem cells from a donor whose human leukocyte antigens (HLA) are acceptable matches to the patient’s or uses stem cells that are immune privileged like mesenchymal stem cells.

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Restore balance
  • Regenerate damaged tissues
FDA approved stem cell products in the market