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Transcell is an innovative biotech company with continuous discovery and process development to deliver unique stem cell based solutions to treat chronic and debilitating diseases that have no options available to manage. The passionate leadership team is committed to developing therapies to address important medical needs through adult stem cell technologies.

Transcell achieved the first milestone in 2011 by commercializing their home-grown stem cell banking vertical. The founding team defined the direction of the business lines by creating a body of work and repository of intellectual property based on the data generated at its labs that not only validated their insights scientifically, but also defined the path in accelerating drug discovery and reaching clinics. Among the company’s landmark innovations is the development of a novel proprietary process for maximizing the stem cell therapeutic yield that also maintains the native pluripotent properties and inherent functionality and a proprietary cell based product to treat ovarian cancers.

The Company has evolved from solely an R&D-focused biotech entity into a more diverse organization focused on creating the donor and patient derived stem cell repositories, productizations in regenerative medicine and drug discovery.

Our approach is holistic - Stem Cell banking to facilitate the application intended.

With 23 patents to our credit, it is our continuous endeavor to innovate and make available therapeutically qualified stem cells through our focused programs.

Our vision is to position ourselves as key player based on our glocal functional expertise in creating a standard of practice in Healthcare in India with promised benefits, where individuals are empowered with information on the value of their adult stem cells and the options and choices they have, when faced with challenging medical situations.

Intellectual Property:

Transcell is built on 23 novel processes covering compositions of cellular formulations and technologies as well as for large scale therapeutically eligible stem cell preparations that are essential in scaling up. This rock bed foundation of discovering unique and relevant technology applications has directed the Company to mature it's business portfolio in regenerative medicine and drug discovery domains. We are committed to the continuous expansion and development of our intellectual property portfolio and trade secrets in productizations of proprietary regenerative product candidates, patient specific cancer stem cell based screens to hunt for druggable molecules treating Solid tumors (Cancers). This enables us to deliver commercial advantages for our product candidates targeting not just Indian market but large and matured international healthcare markets as well.

Stem cell based technologies and product candidates: The patents that we have cover Mesenchymal stem cells unique harvesting, handling technologies, combined cellular formulations for regenerative applications, unique targeted stem cell - dendritic cell complex to treat Solid tumors, sourced from adult tissues that are proven to be residing pluripotent therapeutic progenitors including human umbilical cord, dental pulp, adipose, bone marrow and umbilical cord blood.

Among the disease specific patent applications, the regenerative product candidates address Autoimmune disorders (Rheumatoid Arthritis & Diabetes), Muscular dystrophies, Neurological dysfunctions while drug discovery product candidates address novel patient derived cancer stem cell screens, methods of preparations, testing and potency assays, intended applications in curing Cancers, Alzheimer's disease.