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Drug Discovery


The use of stem cell based platforms for evaluating the efficacy and safety of new molecules that are being developed by the pharma is a paradigm shift in integrating the technologies for accelerating drug discovery programs.

Testing toxicity and screening the particular property of new molecules/drugs to regenerate or differentiate into different lineages of the human body on the pluripotent stem cell based platforms are unconventional and catalysts in clinical development & drug discovery.

Scientific Approach:

The stem cells residing in tumor tissue are named as cancer stem cells playing key role in cancer relapses and metastasis. Transcell is into developing brain, breast, colon, prostrate tumor specific cancer stem cell harvesting techniques to productize the screens in hunting for small molecules that can kill cancer stem cells. The identified molecules with specific targeted capacity will be further developed as drugs to cure solid tumours.

The use of patient derived cancer stem cell platforms is a realistic design in screening for molecules/drugs targeted killing assays. Salinomycin, Vacquinol-1 (2014) are the latest discoveries representing chemical libraries with targeted breast and brain cancer stem cells respectively killing properties aiding in designing/formulating drug of choice to cure otherwise relapsing cancers.

There has been a reawakening of interest in the use of phenotypic screens in drug discovery as an alternative to target-focused approaches. As oncology is currently the most active therapeutic area in which target-focused approaches have been particularly prominent in the past, patient derived cancer stem cell screens and phenotypic assays to discover cancer drugs is postulated in accelerated clinical developments. Therefore, technical and scalable advances that enable such mechanistically informed phenotypic models have the potential to empower phenotypic drug discovery in oncology.

Transcell is into developing repositories of patient derived stem cells in Oncology and Orphan diseases. The Company is building capacities and capabilities to productize technologies that have passed the invitro proof of concept stages in both pluripotent and patient derived stem cell based platforms to participate in high/low throughput screening for safety and efficacy of new drug compositions. This approach contrasts with the traditional and very expensive inefficient pathway focused drug candidate discovery process.

Transcell relies on stem cell repositories and bio-banking technologies for defined in-vitro models facilitating drug discovery.

Our affiliations and strong working business collaborations are crucial in accessing novel chemical libraries that are potential drug candidates post screening on our stem cell screens that are cutting edge discovery platforms transforming drug discovery initiatives.

Through this vertical, Transcell delivers sustained value to pharmaceuticals industry through transforming stem cell technologies that provide cost-effective and reliable assay platforms for drug/product discovery process while concomitantly enabling drug industry to discover drugs in shorter cycles.