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Transcell as top IE20 2017 company.

Transcell Biolife as top IE20 2017 company. Dr S Dravida received the award supported by Mayor of London on 26th May 2017 at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore


On October 2nd2016, Superbrands launched SuperStartUps India

Congratulations Transcell on having earned the title of SuperStartUp!

Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology


Transcell team has conducted a CDE on "Dental Stem Cells & it's Applications" in Rajahmundry, supported by the management of Lenora College of Dental Sciences, to all the senior dental doctors associated & students as well on 19th January 2017. The sole purpose was to create awareness on the importance of tooth Stem Cell Storage, but the inquisitive mindsets of the audience helped to steer the discussion on not only the applications but also the technical advancements & breakthroughs in the field. The College administration felicitated the chief presenter Mr. Leela Krishna G & Sales Lead Mr. J V Sanjeev from Transcell on this occasion for their efforts and knowledge shared.

IIT-B, Russian entity in startup exchange programme

Satish Nandgaonkar

In the first initiative of its kind, IIT Bombay’s Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) has partnered with Moscow-based Global Venture Alliance (GVA) to run a bilateral entrepreneur exchange programme in Moscow. The programme will have a special focus on the science and technology sector later this month, IIT Bombay officials said. Titled India Russia Bridge for Innovations (IRBI), the programme will enable 10 innovative science and technology-based startups from India to participate in a two-week accelerator programme in Moscow from September 17, to facilitate their structured introduction into the Russian market.

Sponsored by the Union Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the GVA, the programme will seek to lay a foundation for increased bilateral trade between Indian and Russia.



Poyni Bhatt, Chief Operations Officer, SINE told The Hindu, “GVA runs its own startup accelerator programme and we have mapped the companies from their portfolio and selected Indian companies that match so that meaningful partnerships emerge, if not immediately, then in the long term.” She added that the startups were selected from about 40 applications.

Divir Tiwari, co-founder of Delhi-based startup Field Assist, an on-field sales monitoring tool for mobile sales teams using smartphones and tablets, said, “Field Assist uses automated data capturing, and is used in several industry verticals including consumer packaged goods, automobiles, apparel, government and NGOs. This is a great opportunity to test how compatible our product is in the Russian market.” Mr. Tiwari is one of the six graduates from IIT Dhanbad who set up Field Assist. It was incubated by IIM Ahmedabad.

Equally excited is Dr. Subhadra Dravida, founder of Hyderabad-based Trancell Biolife, a biotech company developing innovative and transformative stem cell-based approaches in disease management. Her company works in three verticals: donor stem cell storage activity, developing stem cell-based platforms for drug discovery, and stem cell-based platforms for regenerative medicine and applications.

Dr. Dravida, who set up Trancell five years ago, said, “For drug discovery and regenerative medicine verticals, Russia-based hospitals and medical institutes are of great interest. We are looking forward to sourcing patient samples for accelerating drug discovery in oncology and brain diseases and looking to evolve a collaborative, co-opting business model to develop some treatments together.” The firm recently received its first round of funding.

“Two established players are based in Moscow, and I am really looking forward to meeting the teams and setting up a centralised repository of patient-derived stem cells which will create a wealth of samples for pharmaceutical companies,” she added.


StemCells in regenerative medicine and dentistry hands on course @ Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery - Aug16

StemCells in regenerative medicine and dentistry hands on course @ Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery - Aug16

2016-Corporate Social Responsibility Activity:

Transcell Biolife organized its first workshop on 11th, 12th & 13th of August 2016, jointly with Sri Sai Dental College for Surgery (SSDC) at Vikarabad on Stem cells in Regenerative Medicine & Dentistry - Hands on Course. The program was initiated under the leadership of Dr. Subhadra Dravida, MD of Transcell Biolife and Dr Mahendranadh Reddy, Prof. of Orthodontics & Director of PG Studies, SSDC with an aim to bring about sensitization of use of stem cells by practicing dentists. The event comprised of two sections in a day: first ‘faculty invited talks by Dr Dravida, Dr Krishna, Dr Afroz, Dr Anand S’ and second ‘hands on wet lab training by Dr Leela Krishna & Ranjith I of Transcell' on the agenda. The occasion was inaugurated and graced by Dr JayKumar A, Director of Research.

The first section of the program, i.e. faculty presentations comprised on topics like: Stem cells, Classification, Introduction to Tooth derived stem cells, Techniques to identify the stem cells, Stem cells in Tooth Engineering, Harvesting & Culturing Methods, Clinical success in Regenerative dentistry, Regulations in India.

Faculties, Staffs and students (30) alike participated actively in the workshop followed by interactive Q&A nicely addressed by the faculty . This enthusiasm hints that every section was welcome and the students who are the prospective practitioners made an impressive attempt to learn the scope of stem cells applications in Regenerative dentistry which is a mini branch of all the departments of Dentistry. The success of this first event jointly conducted by a private-public partnership invites more thought provoking sessions in upcoming times for periodic CMEs and CDEs accredited by the Indian Council of Medical Research exclusively for practicing dentists.

Transcell Biolife launched it's Operations at Jaipur - May 2016


25th May 2016. Over 40 dental practitioners at Jaipur stepped away from their busy evening on 25th May; Wednesday, to take part in a closed door event on "Recent Update on Stem Cell Clinical Trials - Tooth Stem Cells For Clinical Applications", conducted by Transcell Biolife at Hotel ITC Rajputana Sheraton.

Dr Srinivas Namineni of Rainbow hospitals and Dr S Dravida, MD Transcell Biolife were the featured speakers, inspiring the practitioners to upgrade their knowledge and skills to integrate the modern Regenerative dentistry tools treating their patients. S Madi Reddy, National Sales Head, Transcell connected with the participants in the event captivating their attention to the features of ToothScell of Transcell, the science behind innovation in Indian context translating to sales to meet the unspoken needs of the families with kids aged between 5 and 11 yr. It was a powerful gathering with key leaders of dental practice in Rajasthan motivated towards the campaign creating awareness in the eligible families by providing them the right kind of information from the clinical publications extracted from the peer reviewed journals and the special data presented from the Indian population by Transcell team.

Transcell Biolife Event at Kadappa


Since its inception, Transcell Biolife, has strengthened the sacred bonds of expectant families, families with kids, clinicians and patients' community across the country in the form of Continuous Scientific Education Dissemination. The event at Kadapa, A.P had a theme that energized the gathering adding great depth of meaning to the clinical grade stem cells as therapeutic tools in treating dental related diseases, endometriosis and neurological dysfunctions. The MD of Transcell Biolife, emphasized on the values, core strengths and differentiators of the Company which is a biotech initiative in healthcare working on formulating, preparing the stem cell based protocols for integrating in Regenerative Medicine by creating the repository of the therapy ready formulations when there is an opportunity for the families in India. The Chief Marketing Officer of Transcell Biolife connected the audience with the science of the products of the Company with deliberations on features and applications available to the Clinicians for their patients in practising Regenerative Medicine.

Anti Agying Conference conducted by Stem Genn, Delhi

Stem cell based Medical Treatments

Transcell Biolife Managing director Dr.Subhadra Dravida has participated in the Anti Agying Conference conducted by stem genn held on November 7th at Delhi. She spoke about stem cell based treatments and its medical related applications in today's world. Read more about stem cell research

Toothscell-DENTAL PULP STEM CELL Banking Awareness Program at Vishakapatnam

Dental stem cell banking

Transcell Biolife is into innovation, developing new, smarter approaches in and for healthcare. We have conducted a recent Dental pulp stem cell banking awareness program in Kotak Salesian School Vishakhapatnam.

Our Team- We believe in “We Process, Before The Sample Is Stored, to serve the very purpose for which you bank your child's stem cells with us.”

Dental Pulp Stem Cell Bank: Dental Pulp Stem Cell Banking Awareness For secured healthy Future

Dental pulp stem cell bank

Transcell Biolife provides an end-end solutions in Stem cell Bio banking & Ensures quality stem cell processing & banking technique with its unique patented technology. We have got a great response from parents and interesting questions, feedback.

Dental pulp stem cell based treatment