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Clinically established sources of therapeutically significant stem cells both for autologous and allogenic applications are: Cord blood, Cord tissue, Tooth pulp, Fat tissue, Bone marrow. The collection of source material is non-invasive (and medical waste) for Cord blood, Cord tissue and Tooth pulp while Bone marrow aspiration is a painful, invasive and Operation theater scheduled procedure under general anesthesia. The stem cells from Bone marrow have limited capacity to grow in the labs for any application and are not magic bullets for all kinds of chronic conditions.


Unless, the eligible donor opts to store stem cells when life gives an opportunity to, there is no readily available repository anywhere in the world to access when required. Country specific regulatory bodies approve either a procedure or a product to apply for treating. Approved procedure would still need stem cells stored for preparing the personalized product to treat while an approved stem cell product in any other country cannot be applied to treat Indian patient population in India.