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Service Guide - ScellCare

ScellCare is an Umbilical cord stem cell storage service offered by Transcell Biologics Pvt. Ltd, catering to the needs of Cord Stem Cell banking for the families. The kit is given to expecting parents after enrollment in the program, the pregnant to be mother needs to mention her Expected date of delivery (EDD) and Expected site of delivery in the form for easy communication and record. Read all the instructions provided well before the time of delivery. There are two blood collections to be done by paramedics, first thing is to collect maternal blood for testing around 5-10ml and a sterile pouch which can hold ~250ml of cord blood collected during the time of delivery.

Service Guide - ToothScell

ToothScell is a Dental pulp stem cell storage service offered by Transcell Biologics , applicable for kids in about 5-11 years age group after enrolment the kit is handed over to the parents. The kit is designed to suit the need and contains instructions for tooth pulp extraction, vial storage and transportation. The box is sealed with thermacol sheets and has a gel pack to maintain little cold temperature of 4-10°C. The vial contains penicillin and streptomycin in saline which maintains required ionic balance and serves as a preservative of short duration. The tooth extracted would be placed in the vial and then sent to the lab in the said kit box. After reaching the lab, the stem cells are isolated and cultured from the dental pulp of the teeth.