Welcome to Transcell

Stem Cell Storage

  • Transcell uses state of the art Technology for processing and stem cell banking
  • International Standard operating procedures and automated processing protocols are followed
  • US FDA Approved clinical grade reagents are used
  • Trained and experienced staff
  • We follow stringent quality control, GMP and GLP standards

After collection, processing is completed within:

  • 2 hours of sample collection from Hyderabad
  • 10 hours of sample collection from A.P/Telangana
  • 6 hours of sample collection from any state in India
  • Unique process steps to enrich consistency in purifying batch wise collections

Samples are transported with utmost care and safety to the labs in their respective collection kits and will be processed within minutes of reaching our lab.

  • Sample is processed by automated SepaxTM system to separate
  • We have successfully been reporting more than 90% cell recovery rate
  • Sample is processed in complete sterile and closed environment
  • Sample is also processed in sterile cabinet and proprietary methods are employed to attain maximum yield of mesenchymal stem cells
  • Dental pulp is extracted from deciduous teeth/wisdom teeth and cultured further to obtain therapeutic dose

We cryopreserve cord and tooth derived stem cells with unique bar code numbered tubes in liquid nitrogen at -196oc in an automated stainless steel storage vessel with uninterrupted supply of liquid nitrogen. Stem cell units are preserved with unique barcoded vials in liquid nitrogen at - 196oc Storage vessel.