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I believe the best gift that I can give to my daughter/son's future is to store his stem cells.
Jagadeesh, Guntur.

I feel stem cells have the power to address my ailment

Veera Reddy, Hyderabad.

I have been lucky to have stored my stem cells at Transcell for tendem therapy

Ritvik, Hyderabad

Transcell is my second chance to live

Dr. Preeti, MD, Challa Hospital, 2013

“Storing my umbilical cord blood and tissue for stem cells is biological insurance for me as I believe in stem cells regenerative applications in treating diseases. I am a gynaecologist myself and see hundreds of patients suffering from several diseases for which there is no cure or treatment sometimes. Transcell Biolife, Hyderabad is doing great in providing A class stem cell banking services as they processed the sample collected for me in an hour’s time and reports on the cell count was sent to me in the fastest time period. I am very impressed with their customer care and the responsibility shown in handling biological samples. Wishing Transcell good luck in their activities”.

Dr. Pradip, MLT, Hyderabad, 2013

“I've stored my son’s stem cells with Transcell Biolife as I believe in their quality and the promise”.

Mr. Prasad, MS, IT professional, Secunderabad, 2012

My husband and myself are pleased with the information provided on Transcell’s stem cell banking features, advantages and benefits. They are into providing complete stem cell banking services. I was not fortunate to store my stem cells 30 yr back and today with the advances in the medicinal technologies and having Transcell Biolife in India with home grown processes suitable for our culture and affordability, I made the best decision in selecting Transcell to store our daughter’s stem cells.

Mrs. Aruna, Railways, Secunderabad, 2014

"Oh! We have deep family history of diabetes and heart attacks. I sincerely want treatments for my own family and so boldly went ahead to store my twins stem cells with Transcell. I have seen their processes and convinced that the precious stem cells are stored and maintained in perfect condition"

Veera Reddy, Tarnaka, Hyderabad, 2012

I have been lucky to have stored my stem cells at Transcell for bone marrow problem.

Jagadeeshwari, Guntur, AP, 2012

I feel stem cells have the power to address my condition and so stored my new born’s stem cells with Transcell.

Manjula, Gave birth to a baby girl at Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad, 2014

We were not looking to do any business by storing stem cells of our kid. So, when we interacted with Transcell representatives, we were convinced that the Company is into providing the best of service to us when we need help.