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Umbilical Cord & Umbilical cord tissue

Umbilical Cord (UCB) is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells, it is collected from a new born’s cord immediately after birth. Cord cells are currently used to treat blood and immune system related genetic diseases, cancers, and blood disorders. Cord is collected after the delivery of the baby (either normal delivery or by cesarean section) by inserting a needle into the umbilical vein. Typically, the entire process takes less than ten minutes. The stem cells collected here are younger compared to adult stem cells collected from sources bone marrow, and it is safe and less invasive.

Umbilical cord tissue (UCT) of new born cord contains different kinds of cells with potential usage in treating disorders. It is rich and abundant source of Mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs). These stem cells have ability to repair and regenerate several tissue of our body like bones, cartilage, neurons and muscles. There is lot of research going on potential usage of MSCs for treatment dreaded disorders like Liver cirrhosis, Injuries, Parkinson and Alzheimer disease.

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