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Why Biobanking?

Clinical samples like Cord, Tooth, Fat have an abundance of stem cells residing. They can be collected easily without any difficulty and stored now (cryopreserved). Biobank is a storage infrastructure, where the donor derived clinical grade samples are banked under controlled conditions along with the sample data acquired. The stored stem cells can be retrieved for the intended applications (Personalized medicine, Precision medicine, Regenerative medicine) complying to the regulations of the land.

Personalized medicine in Dentistry relies on both banked genetic and clinical sample characteristics to deliver individualized treatment. With advanced testing methods, advances in pharmacogenetics, and healthy or patient samples accessed, the opportunity presents to deliver personalized patient care when the need arises from the Biobank.

The incorporation of precision medicine into the practice of medical oncology is defined as transforming treatment algorithms with collaborative management approach among molecular pathologists, oncologists, hematologists, basic scientists, bioinformaticians and genetic counselors strengthening the management and treatment recommendations for patients with advanced malignancies, who frequently have exhausted standard-of-care therapeutic options.

In Diabetes, the use of clinical, genetic, metabolic, and other markers of risk with its chronic micro and macrovascular complications, insights into variations in response to commonly used medications have to be personalized.

In Regenerative and Palliative Medicine, the stored samples have

  • Less risk of complications when used in transplants and therapies
  • Ability to use patient’s own material/stem cells as tools for conditions that currently lack medical treatment options
  • Immediately available if were stored in a Stem cell bank and can minimize disease progression in early treatment
  • Storing stem cells arrests and protects them from aging and best to retrieve young retaining vitality to treat diseases