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Why Transcell?


Transcell Biolife operates state-of-the-art facilities at Hyderabad, Telangana for banking your family's stem cells.

The flagship facility is at ALEAP industrial estate, Pragathinagar. The Company's diversity originates from the expertise and technology edge to conduct research and development integrating relevant sectors within the stem cell industry. It's freedom to operate and focus on research based optimizing approach in the core process of sourcing, harvesting, processing, formulating stem cells suitable for the application. Research and innovation stemming from the repository concept is one of the rare and unique operational strategies towards building IP embraced by Transcell. Dedicated Technical, Operational team's involvement in the process of cryopreserving, certifying the final output, superior in-house technology of cryopreserving, proven track record of retrieving the banked stem cell units for the approved indications are some of the unique differentiators to choose Transcell as your complete stem cell bank.