Welcome to Transcell

Why Transcell?


Transcell Biologics operates state-of-the-art facilities in Healthcare biotechnology domain.

The flagship facility is at ALEAP industrial estate, Hyderabad. The Company's diversity originates from the expertise and technology edge to conduct research and development integrating relevant sectors within the stem cell industry. It's freedom to operate and focus towards bringing products in the areas of regenerative medicine which is the integrated branch of modern medicine and discovering the new functions of the chemical entities is a revolutionary business model in the industry. Research and innovation stemming coming from the repository concept is one of the rare and unique operational strategies towards building IP.

It is the only entity in India designed to carry out stem cell related control systems with an advantage of access to patient community.

The potential to access both donor and patient derived stem cell units, develop services and products to treat patients, establish an ecosystem and network of stakeholders are some of the vibrant dynamics of the entity.